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Preservation Military Vehicles (PREMIVE) is a non-profit association, established in Sabadell (Barcelona, Spain) in July 2019.

The aims of the association are: Group fans of real military vehicles and those built to scale, the promotion and dissemination of technical, historical, social and economic studies related to the IIWW, as well as the preservation of all types of real military vehicles with its possible museum exhibition.

To achieve all the purposes, PREMIVE carries out the following activities:

  • Disclosure of works, both of its members and of third parties.
  • Make all the technical, informative and documentary media of the association available to the members.
  • Participation and dissemination of cultural events related to the IIWW.
  • Collaboration in the construction, restoration, operation and maintenance of military vehicles, collaborating with public and private entities if necessary.
  • Collaborate and promote the creation of a permanent museum space where each military vehicle can be located, with the recreation of the most important moments where it participated.
Premive is registered in the register of General Directorate of Law and Legal Entities of the “Generalitat of Catalonia” with number 66438. It is also part of the FCVH – Catalan Federation of Historical Vehicles- as member number 068.